COVID plan

As SWAG returns from ‘lock down’, we are able to operate quite freely and are not impacted by any of the current restrictions.

To help keep safe and to adhere to advice, the follow precautions are part of our COVID plan:

  • Registration of attendance.
    This is a normal part of SWAG and will not require boys to do any additional ‘check-in’ activity.
  • Drop off and pick up.
    Parents and carers are asked to stay outside (on the deck), records and QR code are not required for drop off and pickup.
  • Staying around.
    If you would like to hang around for longer than the opening and closing parade to observe or be involved, please register via the Services NSW QR code and follow our hand sanitising protocol.
  • Hand sanitising.
    During the evening of activity we will adopt the protocol of hand sanitising on entry and exit from the ministry centre.
  • Cleaning.
    Tables, chairs, common surfaces and bathrooms are cleaned with disinfecting wipes following the Tuesday night SWAG activity.